Wang Hui: Snow At ShanYin, 1671

Programs and Services

I provide Chinese language tutoring and classes in the following categories:

  • Private Lessons (one-on-one)
  • Small Group (a two- to three-student group)
  • Large Group (more than three but no more than eight students)
  • Corporate (eight or more students)
  • Survival crash course (one-on-one)

Courses are offered at three skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most effective learning method because the course is totally tailored to one individual's needs, style and speed. Lessons are held at at a time and location of your choosing (within reason). Courses are designed to use half of the classroom time for structured learning (vocabulary, syntax and grammar points) and the other half for oral practice.

Middle and high school students. For students whose schools offer a Chinese language course, I tailor private lessons to the school's curriculum, providing individual tutorials to students. My clients include students from Oakwood School, Polytechnic School and Buckley School. For more information about how you or your child can benefit by Mandarin tutoring, please contact me.

SKYPE is a free, internet-based video conferencing program that I've used successfully to teach Mandarin over distance, allowing me to teach across the country as well as locally when students are not able to come to my classroom. The video quality is good; my students and I exchange lesson material using email, making this a very practical solution in various situations. Please contact me for further information.

Small group classes

The advantages are:

  • Cost savings
  • • Same courses as one-on-one lessons
  • • A perfect forum for encouraging a friendly learning competition between the students
  • • The learning experience is shared, leading to greater retention and perspective

I arrange these groups when student proficiency levels are similar.

Large Group classes

Four- to seven-student classes are offered with declining cost per student as the number of students per class increases. Since great personal attention is not possible with this many students, rates are set per class.

Corporate classes

Eight students is typically the minimum in this arrangement; classes are hosted at the clients premises. With even larger groups, over fifteen students, I'm inclined to divide these up into sets of eight or so and meet with sets consecutively on the same day of the week. Since great personal attention is not possible with this many students, rates are set per class.

Intensive, Basic Survival Mandarin

A one-on-one variation of the Monterey Institute of International Studies' Summer Intensive Program, we will meet five times a week for a one and one-half hour lesson, for eight weeks -- forty lessons in two-months -- intensively learning the most crucial elements of the basic course material and custom material focused on the student's goals. For further details, please contact me.


Are you doing business in China or working with Chinese companies or clientele but you need your
staff trained in cultural memes and language to better connect? I can enhance your business success by adding value to your existing business model and strategic plans.

I conduct Chinese language training and cultural awareness courses for companies doing business or preparing to do business in China. I train American enterprises with Chinese clientele to be more culturally aware of corresponding business practices in China and to learn business sector-specific Mandarin Chinese words and phrases to gain you repeat business and secure new Chinese clientele. I design training material that serves both the practical and the business needs of you and your staff.

The process begins by conducting in-depth discussions with my clients to thoroughly understand their training needs and requirements. After that, I present a personalized proposal to detail the implementation of the course.

Courses are usually provided at the client's location; small groups may meet at mine, located in north Glendale, if convenient. Please contact me to discuss details.


Corporate training programs of varying lengths can be tailored to provide:

  • General Mandarin training
  • Business Mandarin in specific areas of client interest
  • Immersive, 'survival' Mandarin course

Language training incorporates cultural understanding

In the globalized world of business, Americans and Chinese need each other. But there are formidable barriers to overcome: economic and political differences as well as the obvious cultural and linguistic challenges. Why is there the perception in the West that doing business in China is difficult? It's often because foreign companies have not successfully incorporated Chinese cultural awareness into their strategic plans.

We understand that learning culture goes hand-in-hand with learning language. Learning Mandarin without understanding Chinese ways of thinking, business behaviors and protocols will soon demonstrate that you still cannot successfully do business in China.

American businesses need to understand how and why Chinese businesses and people function and behave differently than their Western counterparts. To this end, a sample curriculum could include the following topics:

Relevant characteristics of Chinese people

  • Cohesion
  • • Tolerance
  • • Diversity
  • • Modesty & Harmony
  • • Collectivism

Chinese business culture and protocols

  • Entertainment
  • • Gift giving
  • • Smoking
  • • Drinking

Cross-cultural Communications

  • Letters
  • • Phone calls
  • • Body language

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Personal relations & personal connections
  • • Face value
  • • Relationships with superiors and subordinates
  • • Relationships with your customers
  • • Relationships with local governments
  • • Relationships with your Chinese colleagues


  • Price
  • • Contract
  • • Selecting the right candidates
  • • The rights and positions of the department
  • Primary comprehensive Chinese Course

    This level is for the student who has no knowledge of the Chinese language prior to taking the course. At the end of this course, you will be able to grasp about 300 common Chinese characters and their Pinyin (spelling) equivalents and 200 every day syntactic patterns. You will be able to conduct simple conversations with native Chinese people in topical areas such as greetings, names, nationality, hobbies, family members and self-introduction.

  • Intermediate comprehensive Chinese Course

    This level is for students who have learned the Primary comprehensive Chinese content, who can grasp simple Chinese words and sentences, basic syntax and grammar, but cannot always organize sentences correctly or meaningfully.

    After completing this level, you will be able to grasp an additional 200 common Chinese characters and express some complex sentences and idioms. You will be able to conduct some interactive communication and express your own thoughts regarding such things as your plans, interests, weather and traffic in a simple manner.

  • Advanced comprehensive Chinese Course

    This is for students who have learned both the Primary comprehensive Chinese and the Intermediate comprehensive Chinese course content, whose vocabulary already totals about 500 words and whose communication skills are not fluent but still capably of making everyday communications successful.

    Success at this level means you are able to grasp at least an additional 200 common Chinese characters, you are able to use complicated and complex sentences skillfully and to express your own ideas on environment, economics and other current affairs clearly and understandably.


Rates negotiable. Please contact me to discuss your goals and situation.


I have over 15 years of professional experience providing accurate and elegant translations and interpreting from Mandarin to English and vice versa.

My most recent translation project was translating a large set of powerpoint presentations and proposal documents from English to Chinese. The material was being drawn up for presentation by ProVantage Capital Partners, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm, for presentation to Chinese corporate investors in Shanghai and Beijing, in mid-2012. The job required specialized language specific to finance and investment. To meet the client's needs, I worked throughout the night on critical, last minute changes, as documents from China and Los Angeles offices were fed through me for translating.

Another recent translation job of note involved real-time translation of a documentary film entitled The Shanghai Public School System produced by The Pearson Foundation. While watching the film in the editing room, my translation was transcribed, then later I did two editing passes with the director.

Through the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute and other connections, I provide interpreting and translation for Chinese investors visiting Los Angeles for real estate buying opportunities.

Please contact me to discuss your project. References gladly provided upon request.