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Beijing-standard Mandarin
from one of the best Chinese teachers
in greater Los Angeles*

Yvonne Saalman teaches business professionals, private individuals and groups, as well as university, primary and secondary school students.

* Don't live in the Los Angeles area?
No problem. Yvonne teaches students via SKYPE from Washington, D.C. to San Francisco.

Wang Hui: Reading Next To The Window In The Mountains, 1666
"Along with...my gratitude and respect, [Yvonne] has earned my trust and my highest recommendation as a teacher for her work with my children and their classmates." — Brian A. Williams, Ph.D., Cal Tech...Read More
"In a relatively short period of time, Yvonne has transformed me from someone who knew not a single Chinese word or character, to someone who is comfortable with basic conversation, reading and writing." — Steve Levin, Public Relations Attorney...Read More
"In just ten short months, I have made tremendous improvements in my reading, writing, and speaking skills due to Yvonne‚Äôs teaching methods and dedication." — Helena Duey Malchione, Yale University student...Read More
"Yvonne's patience and her ability to explain complicated points of grammar and syntax in ways that her students can understand make her an excellent teacher. She is also dedicated to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each particular student and tailoring the lesson to focus on areas that need improvement." — Lisa Binder, Esq., Harvard Law School...Read More
  • Lesson content crafted to match your needs and pace is taught with best practices and careful attention to the goals you wish to achieve.
  • Teaching at your office or home can be arranged for the Los Angeles area.
  • Individual tutoring and small group lessons are also available in Yvonne's private classroom located in north Glendale, near Glendale Community College.
Yvonne is committed to the success of her students
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